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Helped by a complete twelve months of selling time, the BMW X3 and Acura RDX appear as though their sales were decent in 2009. Indeed, Acura had a fairly good month in December. Take into account the shortened season of the Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, and Mercedes-Benz GLK350. Now you see how different things could have been. Perhaps 2010 will bear this out; or perhaps the Canadian love of Acura will propel the RDX past the increasingly ubiquitous Mercedes-Benz GLK350.
One way or another, the GLK took off like a herd of turtles and never looked back. Based on personal experience only, an inordinate number of people are even choosing their red paint, not the most Benz-like of colours. Keep this fact in mind: though the Mercedes-Benz GLK doesn’t make a stand in The Good 12 Supersize v2.0 (and the Audi Q5 does), the GLK has a place in the heart of The Good Car Guy; as proven by the 100 Favourite Cars list. Moreover, the BMW X3 has an award to its discredit, The Bad 8 Supersize v2.0 welcomed back the X3 this year.
Curious about other vehicular categories? 2009’s Canadian best sellers can be seen in segments including cars, trucks, and SUVs here. Scroll down for a look at the best-selling luxury SUVs from 2009. Take a look at the equivalent U.S. Graph here.

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