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Luxury Auto Brand Market Share In Canada – April 2012

2012 Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec diesel

Without its Sprinter vans, Mercedes-Benz sold 3029 automobiles in Canada in April 2012. Without Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz Canada market share falls from the 24.3% you see in the chart below to 22.9%. 

Mercedes-Benz certainly doesn’t need the Sprinter to deceive auto industry sales observers into believing it’s the best-selling, most dominant premium automobile brand in Canada. Even when Sprinter is excluded, the next-best market share tally in April 2012 was put up by BMW. At 19.9%, BMW was a full three points behind the Sprinter-less Benz.

We reluctantly include the Sprinter, however, just as Chevrolet Express sales figures are included in GM’s total or the NV is a part of Nissan’s volume. Compared with March, Mercedes-Benz’s market share numbers were up by three-tenths of a percentage point. Compared with April 2011, Benz’s numbers climbed nearly five percentage points.

Selling more than one out of every five premium brand vehicles in April is a feat that can’t be undertaken without a wide range of automobiles. Besides the fact that a potential Infiniti JX buyer may first consider the segment-leading Mercedes-Benz M-Class and a new BMW 3-Series customer might be interested in a C-Class and someone desiring a new Porsche Boxster may not be willing to wait when an SLK can be bought now, Mercedes-Benz also offers the absolutely unique G-Class, a diesel-powered S-Class, an AMGified CLS, and the gullwing SLS AMG, vehicles without direct rivals. 

There was other movements made in the luxury sector in April 2012. Study the chart side by side with the March 2012 version and the April 2011 edition. Full sales numbers for these brands and a bunch of mainstream manufacturers were published at the first of the month. Monthly and yearly sales figures for each and every model on sale in Canada can be found by accessing the dropdown menu at the top right of this page.

April 2012 Canada luxury auto brand market share chart
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