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The original mission of GoodCarBadCar was to advance, promote, and aggrandize the Good Car. Hand in hand with that, GoodCarBadCar always had at heart an assignment that would, in effect, dethrone the bad car, banish the frumpy car, and eliminate boring vehicular abominations. Preferably sooner rather than later.

As the audience of grew and grew…. and grew, it became increasingly clear that manufacturer-sourced automotive sales figures were central to GoodCarBadCar’s mission. In 2017, GoodCarBadCar publishes auto sales brand rankings; lists for best-selling cars, trucks, and utility vehicles; lists for the best-selling vehicles overall and the best-selling expensive vehicles; the very popular full model rankings; and lists for the worst-selling vehicles.

Also, there are segment breakdowns with detailed data and charts for small, midsize, and large cars; small, midsize, and large luxury cars; minivans; sporting automobiles; pickup trucks; small, midsize, and large SUVs and crossovers; and small, midsize, and large luxury SUVs and crossovers. All of this is done on a monthly basis for both the United States and Canada.

Appealing mainly to North Americans – 50% of GCBC’s audience is in the United States, 25% in Canada – attempts to incorporate as many unique forms of auto sales analysis as possible while also making space for weekly car reviews.

Media Mentions is commonly sourced by other media outlets. Below is a list of links, not remotely exhaustive, to some media mentions. If you wish to source material or request commentary, please do not hesitate to get in touch. (Disclaimer: we do not necessarily endorse or support the beliefs and opinions of editorials which source

Fox Business – Why Toyota’s C-HR Could Be A Bigger Win
The Globe & Mail – Car Makers Hooking Us On Luxury
CNET – Buick Allegedly Killing Off Its Smallest Sedan
Bloomberg – Korea Misses A Japan Moment
Yahoo – Jaguar Has Officially Given Up On Wagons
Windsor Star – Local Scion Dealer Confident Toyota Will Make It Right
CNET – Cadillac To Do Away With ELR Coupe
AutoGuide – AutoGuide’s 1st Annual Lemon List
San Francisco Chronicle – 2 Ford Mo Products Win Popularity Awards
Forbes – 2016 Mazda 6 Test Drive And Review
The Hollywood Reporter – Mercedes-Benz Unveils New E-Class
CNET – Nissan Folds Up An Origami Juke
Popular Mechanics – Not Having A Spare Tire Is Stupid And Dangerous
New York Times – VW Shows Off Its 2015 Lineup
Jalopnik – The Sedan Is Dead
Detroit News – Ford Optimistic About Rollout Of Transit
Chicago Tribune – 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor Overview – Midsize Crossover SUV Comparison Test
MSN Autos – Ford Claims Focus Is World’s Best-Selling Car
Houston Chronicle – 2014 Honda Crosstour Review
New York Post – Jaguar Hopes Super Bowl Ad Is So Bad It’s Good
AutoBytel – All-New Chevy Colorado Will Be Unveiled In L.A.
San Antonio Express-News – A Hybrid With Three Electric Motors
Vancouver Sun – Four-Year Deal For CAMI Workers
The Detroit Bureau – Nissan Bringing New Microcar To North America
Washington Post – Dude, Where’s My Porsche Study: Cars On The Road Continue To Age
Wall Street Journal – Nissan To Build Infinitis In China
Christian Science Monitor – Chevy Volt Outsells Half Of All U.S. Cars