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Not in any month during the second half of 2009 did Volkswagen of America sell enough vehicles to be a Top 10 automaker in the USA. Kia made it onto the list in July, August, September, October, and November. Lexus found its way into the Top 10 from September through to the end of the year. Even Pontiac managed to land inside the Top 10 in the two summer months. Truck-and-SUV manufacturer GMC is a regular. The automaker formerly known as niche, Subaru, routinely topped Volkswagen in 2009.

Yuppers, Volkswagen is Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer, one of the planet’s biggest overall, but selling cars in the United States? Mucho problemo. Tres difficile.….. until January of 2010, at least. Although just a scant loss of sales could have knocked Volkswagen out of contention, the iconic German badge was front and centre on the grilles of 18,019 vehicles registered in the United States last month, a number smaller than that generated by just nine other automakers. Will that trend hold true in February? It remains to be seen. Judging by the year-over-year jump in sales (scroll down for deets) of multiple VW models over the course of January’s 31 days, February could be another good month for Volkswagen of America.
But first, how did Volkswagen turn the boat around? The Good Car Guy has been forthright in declaring some Volkswagen importing decisions as poor. In other words, vital additional models haven’t been part of VW’s method. Pricing? Uh, not so much – most VeeDubs are still in an awkward place between their mainstream rivals and upmarket luxury cars.
Compared with January of 2009, Volkswagen’s U.S. sales rose 41.4% to January 2010’s total of 18,019. Diesel-powered cars helped out. A rehashed Volkswagen GTI played a part. Sales of the Volkswagen New Bettle hardtop more than trebled. The Volkswagen Passat CC and Volkswagen Tiguan also produced greater Numbers this January than last.
For greater detail, check out all the Sales Stats from Volkswagen of America’s report below and check back in a couple weeks to see if VW can pull off the feat again to remain on the Top 10 Best-Selling Auto Brands in America list.
41.4 – percentage year-over-year increase in Volkswagen of America’s February sales, to 18,019 from 12,744
321 – difference in sales between the Volkswagen GTI and the rest of the Volkswagen Rabbit/Volkswagen Golf family with the Volkswagen GTI coming out on top of the Volkswagen Golf with 933 sales in February
43.2 – percentage increase in VW’s February U.S. sales of the Volkswagen Jetta sedan
38.9 – percentage increase in VW’s February U.S. sales of the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen, totalling 1,324 and helping the Volkswagen Jetta nameplate to 8,893 sales in all
2,167 – total sales of the Volkswagen New Bettle in February, a 172.9% increase over February of 2009’s total
3 – total models unable to post increased sales in February with the Volkswagen Eos tumbling 11.9%, the Volkswagen Passat dropping 33.2%, and the Volkswagen Touareg remaining level at 314 sales for the month
1,891 – total sales of the Volkswagen Passat CC, up 76.4% from February of ’09
86.9 – percentage increase in sales of the Volkswagen Tiguan, to 1,424 from 762 in the same period last year
6.2 – percentage increase in sales of the Volkswagen Routan, VW’s Dodge Grand Caravan-based minivan, to 704 in February