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Large Luxury SUV Sales Figures In America – October 2013 YTD

2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV
USA large luxury SUV sales chart October 2013
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In October, Land Rover USA sold more than 1100 Range Rovers for the third time this year, a feat Land Rover accomplished just once in the previous two years. 

With a base MSRP of $63,000, the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class certainly sells more often, but one would imagine that the Range Rover’s $83,545 base price limits sales to some degree. 

Land Rover also sells the Range Rover Sport, a three-row SUV which starts at $63,495. (We showcase the LRRR Sport with midsize luxury SUVs.) Land Rover sold 1266 Range Rover Sports in October. 

How out of the ordinary are Range Rover sales? Lexus’ LX570 is an $80K+ SUV, as well. Lexus sold 483 copies in October, the best month this year for the LX. Mercedes-Benz’s G-Wagen has a base price of $114,200 – 194 were sold in October. That, too, is a fairly astonishing figure. The Toyota Land Cruiser has a base price just under $80,000 – Toyota sold 289 Land Cruisers in October, the best month this year for the Land Cruiser.

Cadillac, meanwhile, has introduced the next Escalade – pictured above – but the Escalade that’s available in showrooms is still the outgoing model. Regular-wheelbase ‘Slade sales rose 8% to 1069 in October. Cadillac also sold 608 Escalade ESVs and 137 Escalade EXT. The EXT was America’s 11th-best-selling truck in October.

You can click any model name in the tables below to find historical monthly and yearly U.S. auto sales data. You can also select a make and model at GCBC’s Sales Stats page. This table is now sortable, so you can rank large luxury SUVs any which way you like. Suggestions on how GCBC should break down segments can be passed on through the Contact page. The + icon has been removed from year-over-year improvements. Look instead for red font to designate year-over-year declines. We’ve also added prior year data, so you’ll spend less time hunting around GCBC for historical figures.

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Large Luxury SUV
October 2013
% Change
1832 – 1.0% 18,357 18,269 0.5%
1467 – 23.9% 10,155 10,957 – 7.3%
403 194% 9589 6457 48.5%
366 32.0% 3436 4126 – 16.7%
792 20.5% 6909 6614 4.5%
160 21.3% 2072 911 127%
2296 11.7% 24,747 19,854 24.6%
259 11.6% 2480 2333 6.3%
7575 13.5% 77,745 69,521 11.8%

Source: Automakers & ANDC 
GCBC isn’t here to break down segments, an impossible task for any group, but to display sales data for the sake of comparison. The more ways sales data can be displayed, the better, right? You can always find the sales results for EVERY vehicle and form your own competitive sets by using the All Vehicle Rankings posts.

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