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Large Luxury SUV Sales In America – November 2013 YTD

2014 Land Rover Range Rover LWB

Americans registered 267% more new Range Rovers in November 2013 than in November 2012, and they did so despite the lack of a hilarious comedian portraying an out-of-touch broadcaster in Land Rover commercials on YouTube. 

USA large luxury suv sales chart November 2013
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Undoubtedly, one big reason for the Range Rover’s increase was the dearth of Range Rover sales a year ago, when the model was in a run-out phase. (Likewise, Dodge Durango sales, while not in a run-out phase, were falling to terrible lows last year, making huge increases this year easier to come by for what was and is a decent product.) 

Yet Range Rover sales in November 2013 weren’t just higher than Range Rover sales in November 2012 – they were higher than Range Rover sales at any point last year, and at any point this year other than July.

We’ve now seen consecutive four-digit sales months from the Range Rover; and four such months this year after just one four-digit sales month in 2011 and one more in 2012.

Even by the standards of high volume luxury SUVs, the Range Rover isn’t that rare. Yes, the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class sold more than twice as often in November, in what was a slower month for the big GL. But it costs $20,000 less than the Rangie in base trim.

Land Rover introduced a new long-wheelbase form of the Range Rover at the L.A. auto show in November. Rear leg room expands by 7.3 inches. It’s the first extra-long Range Rover in two decades.

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Large Luxury SUV
November 2013
% Change
1809 2.0% 20,203 20,078 0.6%
2121 – 41.4% 11,398 13,078 – 12.8%
352 267% 10,881 6809 59.8%
385 33.5% 3950 4511 – 12.4%
675 12.9% 7671 7289 5.2%
251 – 11.2% 2295 1162 97.5%
3077 – 4.9% 27,673 22,931 20.7%
246 12.2% 2756 2579 6.9%
8916 1.9% 86,827 78,437 10.7%

Source: Automakers & ANDC
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