Large Car Sales In America – June 2014 YTD

2014 Toyota Avalon

Overall passenger car sales slid 1% in the United States in June 2014, according to Automotive News. Large volume-brand cars? They collectively fell 11%.

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USA large car sales chart June 2014
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The Buick LaCrosse isn’t the category’s top seller, but it was the big winner in June as sales rose by a third to 5332 units. Small gains were also produced by the Kia Cadenza and Hyundai Genesis, the latter of which is displayed here not because it isn’t a viable E-Class rival, but because Hyundai USA continues to combine the sedan and coupe sales figures. In other words, the Genesis’s 3109 June 2014 sales includes cars priced from $26,350 to $55,700. The E-Class starts at $51,400… and rises. 

That’s not to say any of these fail to come across as rivals for the Lexus ES or Lincoln MKZ or the upcoming Acura TLX, or smaller cars like the Audi A4 or Mercedes-Benz C-Class. We’ve classified them here because of the nature of their overarching brands, regardless. Words like, “small” and “midsize” and “large” have as much to do with a product’s positioning in the market as they do with actual dimensions. A Hyundai Azera is only two inches longer than a Hyundai Sonata, a Hyundai Elantra is only six inches longer than a Hyundai Accent. A Toyota Avalon is less than four inches longer than a Honda Accord

Chevrolet continues to lead the segment with 78,499 Impala sales in the first half of 2014. Combined, the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger were 2718 sales back of the Impala over the last six months.

You can click any model name in the tables below to find historical monthly and yearly U.S. auto sales data. You can also select a make and model at GCBC’s Sales Stats page. These tables are now sortable, so you can rank large, volume-brand cars any which way you like. Suggestions on how GCBC should break down segments can be passed on through the Contact page.

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Large Car
3999 33.3% 25,280 24,482 3.3%
5 -100% 9 -100%
17,255 -16.7% 78,499 83,382 -5.9%
4280 -16.7% 26,014 29,445 -11.7%
9812 -13.9% 49,767 51,981 -4.3%
8818 -23.8% 35,094 42,590 -17.6%
813 -13.3% 4191 5792 -27.6%
2938 5.8% 14,046 16,402 -14.4%
1001 3.4% 5415 1528 254%
3571 -1.2% 23,451 23,675 -0.9%
6526 -14.1% 32,031 37,471 -14.5%
59,018 -10.8% 295,450 316,757 -6.7%

Source: Automakers
* Hyundai USA, not GoodCarBadCar, chooses to combine sales figures for the Genesis sedan and Genesis Coupe, forcing us to include the Genesis with these volume-brand cars on pricing grounds before we even get to the “brand status” issue.
GCBC isn’t here to break down segments, an impossible task for any group, but to display sales data for the sake of comparison. The more ways sales data can be displayed, the better. You can always find the sales results for EVERY vehicle and form your own competitive sets by using the All Vehicle Rankings posts.

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