2011 Volkswagen Touareg Brown

All other things being considered equal, if Lexus RX sales tumbled 24% next August just as Lexus RX sales tumbled 24% this August, the RX would stil manage to be the second-best-selling luxury utility vehicle in America.

The Lexus GX was down 22%. Other Japanese SUVs and crossovers in the first chart below include the Acura MDX (down 29%), the Bad 8-losing Acura ZDX (down 81% straight onto the Worst-Selling Vehicles In America list), and the Infiniti FX (down 5.5%). 

Care for some good news? Volkswagen has some. Sales of the $42,975-$61,410 Touareg were up 140%. To 581. So the Touareg remains a bit player, which isn’t such good news. Nevertheless, up is better than down and the Touareg did out-sell… er, the BMW X6 and the Lincoln MKT, two Bad 8 losers. 

Range Rover Sport sales improved at a 39% clip. Audi Q7 sales rose 29%. If you’d prefer to see the Buick Enclave listed here instead of with the mainstream ankle biters you might also be interested to know that Enclave sales were up 17% in August 2011.

US Midsize Luxury Sales Chart August 2011
US Small Luxury Sales Chart August 2011

Don’t act so shocked: the handsome Saab 9-4X isn’t gaining any traction in the American marketplace. Forecasters don’t believe Saab’s future will be healthy. 9-4X sales improved 282% compared with July 2011 but it was still one of the lowest-volume vehicles on sale in America in August.

Which luxury crossover would take over for the Lexus RX if RX sales indeed dropped 24% next August? That’d be the Cadillac SRX, a vehicle which is as much a rival for the RX as anything listed in the upper chart. SRX sales rose 7% in August. 

BMW X3 sales were up 167%, enough of a burst to fend off the Audi Q5, sales of which slid 14%.  The Mercedes-Benz GLK350 was a few hundred sales back despite a 36% year-over-year gain.

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