Defining the term “sports car” isn’t impossible but is controversial in automotive enthusiasts’ conversation and won’t be something undertaken on today. Conflicting opinions on the topic have led to the common usage of words like sporty, sportiness, and sporting along with performance car, grand tourer, and luxury coupe.

Of the twelve cars listed below with their year-to-date Sales Stats for 2009, only a handful could make an adequate case before a judge as to their own proper usage of the term “sports car”. This category of vehicle, a category that takes in luxury models equipped exclusively with two-doors, has struggled mightily in 2009 to sell at a pace anywhere near the rate of sale in 2008. For the most part the less expensive cars sell better. And rather unsurprisingly, the Germans dominate their Swedish, American, and Japanese competition. Unlike the Numbers posted for the manufacturers’ sales totals or the small luxury sedans and hatchbacks or the larger luxury cars, a wildcard has been thrown in to the mix just to upset the boat a l’il bit.

AFTER 3/4ths OF 2009
Semi-affordable Luxury Coupe Sales Totals

Audi TT: 1,493
BMW Z4: 2,306
Chevrolet Corvette: 10,795
Mercedes-Benz SLK: 2,203
Porsche Boxster/Cayman: 3,025
Volvo C70: 4,411

Very Expensive Luxury Coupe Sales Totals

Audi A5: 6,237
Audi R8: 546
BMW 6-Series: 3,055
Cadillac XLR: 640
Lexus SC: 595
Mercedes-Benz SL: 3,107
Porsche 911: 5,361