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U.S. Luxury Auto Brand Market Share Chart – November 2011

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Cornering

America’s favourite luxury auto brand in November was Mercedes-Benz. More than one out every five premium-brand vehicles sold in the United States in November 2011 wore the three-pointed star. 

With the Sprinter included, Mercedes-Benz out-sold BMW by 6320 units last month. Not including the Sprinter, BMW leads the year-to-date standings by fewer than 1600 units. Lexus was the third-place luxury brand in November, as it is year-to-date.

Cadillac and Lincoln combined to own less than 14% of America’s luxury market in November. Even as a joint force, the American brands couldn’t muster enough sales to take on Lexus. Year-over-year, Cadillac sales fell 6% last month; Lincoln was down 18%. 

America’s luxury auto brand market share chart for October can be viewed here. Detailed sales figures for all these brands and every mainstream brand are in the U.S. Auto Sales By Brand post for November 2011. Get the details on specific models by following GoodCarBadCar’s segment-by-segment breakdowns over the coming days or by making use of the dropdown menu in the top right of this page. November’s luxury auto brand market share chart is below.