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Large Luxury Car & Large Luxury SUV Sales In America – August 2011

2012 Jaguar XJ Interior

The Jaguar XJ ran into some serious trouble in August as U.S. sales plunged 56% one month after XJ sales slid 39%. Two months ago we learned that Jaguar XJ sales had dropped 19%. Jaguar’s share of the large luxury market fell from 12.4% in May 2011 to 7.9% in August 2011.

All in all there were 3877 luxo limos sold last month. Porsche Panamera sales fell 16%. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was up 18%. Lexus LS sales slid 13%. The BMW 7-Series was off by 37%; the 7’s down 23% this year in a market that’s risen 10%. The Audi A8, not surprisingly, was up in August – August 2010’s A8 volume was barely measurable. The A8’s 393% improvement still looks good.

The XJ’s plunge was serious in August, but it wasn’t bad enough to place the Jag on America’s 10 Worst-Selling Cars list. You will find a Jaguar over there, however.

US Large Luxury Car Sales Chart August 2011
US Large Luxury SUV Sales Chart August 2011

Compared with August of last year Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen volume more than doubled. Nevertheless, the boxiest Benz was still out-sold by the Toyota Land Cruiser, sales of which rose 18%. The Land Cruiser has a base price of $68,920. The Mercedes-Benz G500 starts at $105,750.

America’s most popular large premium sport-utility vehicle in August was the Cadillac Escalade, although it took three bodystyles to make that happen. The regular-wheelbase Escalade accounted for 1105 of the nameplate’s 1934 August sales. Another 655 buyers opted for the extended-wheelbase Suburban-based Escalade ESV. August’s truck sales chart already displayed the Avalanche-based Escalade EXT’s 174 sales. Both the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and the Infiniti QX56 out-sold the garden variety Escalade.

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