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Large Luxury Car Sales And Large Luxury SUV Sales In America – July 2011

2011 Audi A8 With Private Jet

Sales of the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class improved year-over-year in July 2011. Every other large luxury car featured in the chart you’ll see below suffered some pretty dreadful declines. 

The BMW 7-Series was down 27.5%. Jaguar XJ sales slid 38.6%. Sales of the Porsche Panamera fell 23.3%. The Lexus LS, not unexpectedly, was down 36.5%. The segment fell to 3624 cars from 4226 in July 2010

At this time last year the Audi A8’s market share in America was a paltry 2.8%. A year later the new A8 helped Audi own 12.4% of the large luxury car market.

US Large Luxury Car Sales Chart July 2011
CLICK EITHER GRAPH FOR A LARGER VIEW lists the Audi Q7 with more natural rivals like the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and BMW X5 in the midsize luxury SUV section. As is the case in the big luxury car category, Mercedes-Benz is a dominant player in the the large luxury SUV segment. Where the car market is very evenly split, however, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac grab the vast majority of SUV buyers who want something big and bold.

Over 7000 of these big brutes were sold in America in July. More than one-third of them were GL-Class Benzes. Just under a quarter were Cadillac Escalades. 605 of those 1676 Escalades were extra-long ESVs. 171 were Avalanche-based Escalade EXTs.
US Large Luxury SUV Sales Chart July 2011

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  1. Year on year growth is infortmative, but month on month growth is more appropiate, in this case you could say the LS is the only one which increased its numbers..

  2. That's a fine thought, @anonymous, and it's often useful to know how things transitioned from one month to the next. But since car buying is a very seasonal thing, it became accepted practice to analyze auto sales – and the sales of many other consumer products – on year-over-year terms. It's the way manufacturers do it, for starters, as they can base their understanding of success this year on how things went in the same buying season of last year.

  3. I'm surprised Audi is doing so well.. But the thing is how long will Audi be able to sustain this yor growth, sure year on year growth is incredible for the A8, but that doesn't matter since Audi was such a small player last year..

    I wonder whom Audi is stealing from most.. Hmmmmm

  4. So far this year the Lexus LS has not held the #1 spot.. But Lexus will grab that spot because by looking at last years data Lexus in general seems to sell more cars towards the end of the year..

  5. I swear the lexus LS is a good car, good engineered, good looking, good quiet, good engine, good reliability, good comfort and good price..

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