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June 2012 Top 30 Best-Selling Luxury Vehicles In America

2012 Audi A6 silver

By easily outselling the BMW 3-Series in June 2012, the new Lexus RX ended the first half of 2012 within 2745 sales of the best-selling BMW. The Lexus RX is now nearly 19,000 sales clear of the second-best-selling luxury utility vehicle in America, the Cadillac SRX.

U.S. June 2012 luxury auto brand market share
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Chart Incorrectly Says May But It Is June’s

Strip away the Hyundai Genesis’s luxury car status and the Audi A5 then ranks 30th as all vehicles from the Lincoln MKZ to the Volvo XC60 move up a spot. Of course, some people feel Buick is also a luxury brand. If so, the LaCrosse would be America’s second-best-selling luxury vehicle in June 2012. As is the case with every other car, truck, and SUV currently on sale in North America, you can check out historical monthly and yearly sales figures for every Buick through the first dropdown at GCBC’s Sales Stats home or at the top right of this page.

The Lexus RX is one of ten Japanese-badged automobiles on this list of the 30 best-selling luxury vehicles in America from June 2012. There are twelve Germans and five Americans plus two Volvos and the Hyundai.

24 of the 29 best-selling luxury vehicles in America that were eligible to record a year-over-year increase did so. This fits well with the overall industry’s growth. The overall market grew 22% in June 2012.

Luxury Vehicle
June 2012
Year To Date
% Change
Lexus RX
8641 + 68.1% 44,017 + 10.5%
BMW 3-Series
6740 – 26.4% 46,762 + 6.6%
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
6506 + 40.8% 37,686 + 25.7%
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
5589 – 3.6% 30,366 – 5.0%
BMW 5-Series
5374 + 23.1% 27,751 + 9.7%
Infiniti G
5276 + 39.4% 28,749 + 1.5%
Acura MDX
5125 + 51.9% 24,117 + 8.7%
Cadillac CTS
5046 + 20.2% 25,483 – 5.6%
Cadillac SRX
4260 + 7.8% 25,450 – 2.9%
4015 + 27.2% 19,981 + 25.7%
Lexus ES
3780 + 75.2% 18,265 + 10.1%
Audi A4
3707 + 2.7% 18,559 – 1.3%
Acura TL
3377 + 47.1% 18,054 + 17.1%
Hyundai Genesis
3374 + 7.1% 18,982 + 22.8%
Lincoln MKZ
3137 + 32.9% 14,539 + 4.5%
Acura RDX
3090 + 189% 11,273 + 59.1%
Mercedes-Benz M-Class
2891 – 5.9% 20,626 + 45.4%
2825 + 18.3% 14,417 + 13.3%
Audi Q5
2780 + 60.7% 13,544 + 21.6%
Volvo S60
2649 + 9.0% 12,449 + 12.7%
Acura TSX
2602 + 43.9% 17,614 + 24.0%
Lexus IS
2572 + 57.7% 14,194 + 9.1%
Infiniti JX35
2428 —– 7725 —–
Mercedes-Benz GLK
2052 + 6.3% 12,280 + 6.7%
Lexus GS
2020 + 606% 11,070 + 432%
Cadillac Escalade
1964 + 17.2% 10,555 – 9.3%
1938 – 25.0% 11,582 + 4.9%
Lincoln MKX
1922 + 8.5% 12,428 + 14.9%
Audi A6
1745 + 227% 8584 + 140%
Volvo XC60
1626 + 20.5% 8511 + 13.9%

Source: Manufacturers & ANDC
Red font indicates year-over-year declining sales 

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  1. Again, it's subjective. There is no official government measurement for classifying what is luxury and what isn't, particularly in respective segments. A LaCrosse at $22,585? No, that's the Verano's base price. And I'll readily admit that low-end cars like the A-Class, or a front-wheel drive BMW, or an Audi A1 don't do wonders for their brand images, either. But there remains a stronger sense of premium about them because of their higher-end machinery.

    I'm glad you love the site. If there was enough time in a month we'd focus on other countries, but this isn't the only car writing job I have.

    Bias for Germans? Strange you say that, given the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon's presence in GoodCarBadCar's Good 12 and the complete absence of Mercedes-Benz or Audi? The Buick Enclave was a part of The Good 12 in 2009, 2010, and 2011. It's not bias when I say I don't see something as premium goods. Most of my favourite cars aren't. The Regal may be the best-looking sedan currently on sale. I recommend the Enclave to any crossover/SUV buyer with that kind of money to spend. I don't care whether they're deemed to be Benz competitors or Lada competitors.

    But a moderately priced front-wheel drive Buick with cloth seats – to individuals in this generation, a generation which bore witness to Buick's downfall via the Century, LeSabre, and Rendezvous – doesn't should "luxury" the same way a Mercedes-Benz does, or for that matter, the same way a Cadillac does. Could that change? Of course, but not simply because the LaCrosse is decent, the Enclave is quiet, and the Regal is handsome. There are people, after all, who still feel Audi shouldn't be considered a premium brand. But it seems pretty clear an A8 is a direct rival of the XJ, the A6 a direct rival for the 5-Series, and the A4 a strong play against the C-Class.

    The Hyundai Genesis argument is a fair one, which is why I almost always remember to mention the 31st-ranked car that would otherwise move onto the list if you don't see the Genesis as a premium machine. And the Touareg? Who cares what the badge says – that thing is lux. (Especially when it had a V10 diesel.)

    This isn't the only monthly post on GoodCarBadCar. By reading the 30 best-selling lux vehicle post each month and concluding I'm anti-Buick, you're tricking yourself. There are hundreds of different models on sale, the majority of which don't earn a sentence each and every month. There are thousands of posts on this site. Read through them. You'll have to find more anti-Buick sentiment (and fewer Buick compliments) to convince me that the lack of Buicks on the lux list proves there's a bias toward any automaker.

  2. Established premium brands is my point! Buick has always been a step above…it's where the Doctors shopped! Hyundai? really? Re-badged Toyotas and thinly disquised, (for North America) Hondas? As far as prices are concerned if you can buy me a Buick LaCrosse for $22,585 I'll eat it! The model starts around 30k and tops out around 42k….at least here in Missouri!

    Love your site, visit every month, love the British connection would like to see Australia, New Zealand included as well.

    Just seems a little bias and too much in love with anything German. Oh! Canada don't go California on us!

  3. Pdoc8, it's subjective, I'll readily admit. The wonderful thing is, the stats are all here. If you want to know how Buicks would fit, just grab their sales figures and drop them in.

    Pricing has a lot to do with it. Acura's price range extends from $25,900 to $48,200 (base prices), Audi flies from $27,270 to $210,300, and Buick from $22,585 to, the real kicker, just $36,500. Perhaps that's value, but at $36,500, the basic Enclave is substantially less than a Chevrolet Suburban.

    Speaking of which, what would be really nice is to have manufacturers supply breakdown by trim lines so we could see how vehicles like the GMC Yukon Denali fare, or uplevel trims of cars like the Toyota Avalon. We go with established premium brands that never lost their premium nature (2001 Century, hmm?) with a few exceptions for high-end products like the Genesis, Equus, Nissan GT-R, and even the Chevrolet Corvette. It's subjective, and the figures are all available at GoodCarBadCar for you to come to your own conclusions. Moreover, we publish full rankings for EVERY vehicle each month.

  4. The Lexus IS and Acura TSX are called "Luxury" cars but still no Buick LaCrosse? You put Hyundai on this list as well as the Volkswagen A4… I mean Audi A4! but still holding out on the Buick! It really calls into question the whole thing…..

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