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U.S. Auto Brand Market Share – March 2012

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In February, America’s three automobile manufacturers, including Fiat-run Chrysler, combined to own 45.3% of the new vehicle market in the United States. In March, that figure fell to 43.9%, but that’s not because of any losses at Ford Motor Company, which moved up to 15.9% from 15.5%, or the Chrysler Group, which remained level. General Motors market share slid sharply from 18.2% in February to 16.4%.

Look back a full year and you’ll see notable gains at Chrysler (from 9.8% last March), a one percentage point loss at Ford, and fairly level market share for General Motors. Which begs the question: if a chunk of GM market share disappeared between February 2012 and March 2012, which automakers stepped in to fill the void?

Toyota picked up more than half a percentage point. Hyundai and Kia increased their share from February’s 8.4% to March’s 9.1%. And like Toyota, Honda gained more slightly more than half a percentage point. Having garnered 9.3% of all new vehicle sales in February, Nissan USA grabbed 9.7% of the market in March – that’s more market share than Honda owned.

You can find March’s monthly recap by volume and year-over-year changes by clicking here. 36 automakers reported their March 2012 and 2012 Q1 sales figures. Click the chart below for a larger look at how the U.S. auto market broke down last month.