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U.S. Auto Brand Market Share Chart – November 2011

America’s car market grew by 13.9% in November 2011. This means Americans acquired 121,419 more new vehicles in November of this year than November 2010. As was already mentioned, four domestic brands accounted for 48,776 of those extra sales.

General Motors market share, 19.3% in November 2010 and 18.3% in October 2011, shrunk to 18.1% last month despite the company’s 7% year-over-year growth. Ford Motor Company, which was at 16.4% last month, climbed to 16.7% in November. The Chrysler Group slid from October’s 11.2% to 10.8%. American Honda fell more than a percentage point to 8.4%. BMW, Hyundai/Kia, Mazda, and Volkswagen remained mostly level.

Growth? Most notably, from October 2011 to November, Toyota managed to gain almost a point. Nissan moved up half a percentage point.

America’s auto manufacturer market share chart for November is below. Detailed sales figures for every brand can be seen here.