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Truck Sales And Minivan Sales In America – May 2011

Minivan sales in America fell from 44,556 in April to 40,483 in May 2011, a 9.1% drop in a market which fell 8.3% during the same period. Year-over-year, Chrysler Town & Country sales plummeted 51% (and are down 23% year-to-date) while Dodge Grand Caravan sales grew by 34 units and are up 12% so far this year. 

Not covered in this Minivan Sales chart is the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, sales of which jumped 237% to 873 in May. That made the improved R-Class as popular as the super-boxy 2011 Nissan Quest, sales of which rose 7175%, at least when compared with what was a defunct model in May 2010.

133,725 pickup trucks were sold in the United States in May. The six traditional full-size trucks accounted for 80% of those sales. You can add 1396 units to the total pumped out by full-sizers on behalf of the gargantuan Cadillac Escalade EXT and Chevrolet Avalanche. Of the remaining 20%, the majority of sales came from the Toyota Tacoma and slowly dying Ford Ranger. The Honda Ridgeline, for example, was down 64% to just 672 sales. No truck posted a greater sales increase than the Nissan Frontier, sales of which jumped 25%.

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