The order hasn’t changed from September 2010, but October 2010’s list of Canada’s Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks is certainly different numerically. Ford F-Series sales dropped 33.4% from last month but Ford’s 7459 F-Series sales in October 2010 still represent a jump of 3.4% compared with October 2009.

Toyota Tundra sales rose 4.7%. Ford Ranger sales dropped 26.4%. Sales of the Dodge Ram improved by 37%. GMC posted a small Sierra sales increase of 3.1% and Chevrolet Silverado sales were up 6.3% to 3339. The truck market, neighbour, ain’t dead yet. Ford is releasing very powerful V6 versions of the 2011 F-150. General Motors’ two pickups only combine to be #2 in the market, but this year GM sold over 72,000 full-size pickup trucks in Canada before November even started. And though Fiat’s totals seem puny in this context, Dodge Ram sales are up 73.5% through the first ten months of 2010. Chrysler also sold 4867 minivans in October – Ford and GM sold none.

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