Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks In Canada – January 2011

Rearranged to show GM’s two full-size pickup trucks separately but still somewhat together,’s Best-Selling Trucks chart is now a little more transparent; quite a bit more informative.

Indeed, together, GM’s Silverado and Sierra combined to be Canada’s most popular pickup in January 2011. When separated, the Dodge Ram took over the number two spot and Ford’s F-Series laid claim to the crown. F-Series sales were up 26% over January 2010 totals. The Ram posted a 24% jump. Silverado sales were up 6%; Sierra sales climbed 9%. The Toyota Tacoma, ranked sixth in the Graph if you consider the Sierra and Silverado as opponents but fifth if they’re a united force, was down 23%. The $13,999 2011 Ford Ranger slipped 22% as its long life comes to an end. 

In four of the last seven years, the GM pickup twins formed a unit that out-sold every other vehicle in the country. In 2008, the Honda Civic was Canada’s best-seller. And in the last two years, the Ford F-Series handily beat all rivals. Based on January’s best-selling car figures, and based only on that, the Civic looks like it’s out of the race. It’s probably too early to form such a conclusion, but from January 31st, Detroit’s pickups are out too an astoundingly impressive early lead.