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Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks In America – October 2010

Retaining the same order as at least the six months prior and the 2009 calendar year, America’s Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks are some of the most firmly entrenched products in American society. Say what you will about Toyota’s inability to conquer the pickup truck world like they did with the Camry and passenger cars, the Tundra isn’t a terribly unpopular vehicle. Combined sales of the two Toyota pickups on this list were 16,215 in October 2009. Combined sales of the Dodge Ram and Dodge Dakota were 1875 units greater.

U.S. sales of the Toyota Tacoma in October were up 1.2%. Toyota Tundra sales fell 4.6%. Chevrolet Silverado sales rose 8% to 34,283 ; GMC Sierra sales jumped 13.2% to 12,983. Dodge Ram sales shot up 41% and Ford F-Series sales moved up 24.2% from October 2009’s total of 39,496.


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