Top 5 Best-Selling SUVs And Crossovers In Canada In 2014

Canada’s four best-selling utility vehicles all set sales records in calendar year 2014, crushing in some cases the records they’d set just one year ago. The fifth-ranked Hyundai Santa Fe Sport? It came within a scant 302 units of breaking the Canadian sales record it set in 2010. 

All Vehicles Ranked By December & 2014 Year End Canadian Sales
All SUVs/Crossovers Ranked By December & 2014 Year End Canadian Sales

The best-selling SUV in Canada, Ford’s Escape, set a sales record in 2013 but ended 2014 with an additional 7057 sales. The Honda CR-V ended the year on a high note, outselling all other Hondas – including the oh-so-Canadian Civic – in both November and December. 

Not that the CR-V and RAV4 aren’t Canadian vehicles themselves. Sold by Japanese companies, the Honda and Toyota are built in Alliston, Ontario, and Woodstock, Ontario, respectively.

GCBC will be publishing more extensive lists for Canada’s best-selling SUVs, cars, and all vehicle categories when more figures become available. Complete pickup truck sales data has already been released. Below, Canada’s five best-selling SUVs and crossovers in 2014.

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Best-Selling SUV/Crossover

Ford Escape
52,198 45,141 15.6%
Honda CR-V
37,684 34,481 9.3%
Toyota RAV4
36,639 33,156 10.5%
Nissan Rogue
28,827 16,878 70.8%
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport *
27,580 26,010 6.0%

Source: Automakers
* Total Santa Fe Sport/XL sales: up 11.1% to 32,474 in 2014.

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