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As already clearly seen, not a single American or American-owned automaker posted improved sales in 2008 over calendar year 2007 in the American marketplace. Could the Asian brands fare any better? Find out below in a Tuesday Top 5.

#13- Suzuki: 85,286
#12- Mitsubishi: 97,257

#11- Infiniti: 112,989
#10- Scion: 113,904
#9- Acura: 144,504
#8- Subaru: 187,699
#7- Lexus: 260,087
#6- Mazda: 263,949

#5- Kia: 273,397
In a terrible year for automakers everywhere, a 10.5% decline can almost (I said “almost”) be seen as an increase, relatively speaking. Believe it or not, a 10.5% decline in sales means you’re doing a lot better than most brands.
#4- Hyundai: 401,742
Personality Type A in the Hyundai/Kia conglomerate that wants to take over the world before the Chinese manage to do so, Hyundai overall decline of 14% wasn’t stymied by the Genesis’ 6,167 unit-upswing. Hyundai now has ten models in American showrooms.
#3- Nissan: 838,361
Again, falling just 10.9% compared with 2007 really isn’t so bad. Take a deep breath. Forcing the Versa to become the cheapest car in America may not have helped the bottom line but probably kept Nissan from sinking much lower.
#2- Honda: 1,284,261
Bad things aren’t supposed to happen to Honda, right? Back in the summer, the Civic became the best-selling car in America, toppling the F-150 of all things, in monthly sales roundups. Alas, Honda still met the hill that led everybody here except Subaru downward. For Honda, it was just a 6.4% fall.
#1- Toyota: 1,957,575
Financially, this was not a good year for Toyota America. On the other hand, Toyota sold more cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs than anybody else in the country. As Tina Fey would say, suck it.
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