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Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars In Canada – May 2011

Mazda Tribute At Dealership

Once again, the Nissan Cube suffered the worst sales decline of any currently produced car on sale in Canada, an 88% drop in May 2011. Though that’s not as bad as April’s 91.1% drop; though sales climbed from 17 in April to 20 in May; the Nissan Cube was still Canada’s worst-selling car.

Honda’s marketing of the Insight in Canada is nearly extinct. It’s therefore no surprise to see it here, although you might be surprised to learn that sales of the Toyota Prius only reached 134 in May. That’s down 51.3% from the 275 Toyota sold in May of last year. 

Eight cars in this list of Canada’s Top (or Bottom?) 10 Worst-Selling Vehicles are Japanese, if not by assembly location than by the logo they wear. The other two are German, Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-exclusive SLS AMG and the Volkswagen Passat. Why is the Passat, a car that’s temporarily on hiatus as we await MY2012, included here? Canadian auto sales data lists the Passat and Passat CC as one car, unlike U.S. auto sales data. And in the United States at least, the Passat CC has been the more popular model for some time. The CC obviously isn’t performing well enough in Canada to make up for the loss of the regular Passat.

% Drop
May 2011
Nissan Cube
Honda Insight
Acura ZDX
Volkswagen Passat
Lexus GS
Toyota Yaris
Mazda Tribute
Nissan 370Z
Toyota Matrix
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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