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Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars In Canada – April 2011

In April of last year, Nissan Canada sold 191 Cubes. The Cube’s most direct rival, the Kia Soul, found 796 buyers. It appeared as though Kia’s quicker-to-market, fun-to-drive, appropriately priced and equipped Soul was walking all over the slow-to-market, distinctly comfortable, slightly overpriced Cube. Yep, that’s how it appeared.

Then along came April 2011. Nissan Cube sales fell 91.1%, a large enough drop to make it the worst-selling car in Canada when such a designation is based on percentage declines. On the flip side, Kia Soul sales improved 41.7%. For the record, this isn’t an April anomaly – the Nissan Cube was in the #1 spot in March, as well. Moreover, it would’ve been in the top three had The Good Car Guy compiled such a list in February. 

Sadly, for Nissan, Canadians seem to have had their fill of the junior supercar GT-R, too. Sales fell from 13 in April 2010 to just 3 last month. However, Nissan USA is currently listing the updated 2012 GT-R, and April sales of that car jumped 143%. Nissan Canada, on the other hand, is still showing the 2011 GT-R with a price that forces Canadians to pay 11% more than the GT-R’s U.S. clients.

Forget this Nissan blast for a few moments, despite the fact that Nissan volume pushed the brand to ninth overall in Canada in April. It could be worse. Honda was 3359 sales behind Hyundai, based partially on utter failures like the partially-marketed special-order Insight hybrid. It’s not as though the Toyota Prius is a runaway hit in Canada – sales fell 21% to 249 last month – but the Prius is still considered desirable by a certain subset of the populace. The Insight, desirable? Er… not so much. Not so much at all. Yet in terms of Honda failures, the Acura ZDX is worse than the Insight and remains a member of’s The Bad 8.

Canada’s 10 Worst-Selling Vehicles from April 2011 are in the table below.

% Drop
April 2011
Nissan Cube
Dodge Nitro
Nissan GT-R
Acura ZDX
Kia Borrego
Jeep Liberty
Lincoln MKT
Cadillac STS
Lexus GS
Honda Insight

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