Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars In America – March 2011

When the Volkswagen Passat narrowly missed landing on Canada’s Worst Sellers list in March 2011, what you didn’t realize was that the swoopy Volkswagen Passat CC was included in those Passat sales figures. Here, with the soon-to-be-replaced 2010 Volkswagen Passat at #1, 2331 Passat CC sales are missing. By itself, the CC was in fact up 16.9% in March and is up 14.7% year-to-date.

The Good Car Guy already went over the changes to the new monthly rundown of Worst-Selling Vehicles. That leaves a little space to lob insults at some of the worst offenders.

The Jaguar XF is a pretty cool car. Yet ever since the newer, bigger Jaguar XJ came to market, XF sales have been in a perpetual dive. Thus, there are no insults found here for the XF, only for Jaguar’s product planners who’ve made the XF a V8-only car (like the XJ) and set up an overlapping pricing strategy. Jaguar XJ sales totalled 463 in March, up 4530%.

Ah, but a genuine insult is what you desire. It is the official opinion of this website that the Lexus HS250h is the worst new car you could buy today. As a member of’s The Bad 8, the HS250h was already set aside as one of eight automobiles you must avoid. Now the Lexus CT200h is here and the HS looks even worse. HS250h sales were down 80% in Q1. 

While we’re speaking of Toyota products, how ’bout a moment for the Yaris? Not awful in the conventional sense, the Yaris is now viewed in the light of the excellent 2011 Ford Fiesta and a 2012 Kia Rio which is bound to be a winner. No wonder Yaris sales are disappearing.

% Drop
March 2011
Volkswagen Passat
Lexus HS250h
Volkswagen New Beetle
BMW 6-Series
Jaguar XF
Mazda RX-8
Jaguar XK
Mazda Tribute
Hyundai Santa Fe
Toyota Yaris

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