Top 10 Best-Selling Japanese Cars in Canada – November 2010

As Toyota car sales fell by 3615 units from November 2009 to November 2010, it was clear without even checking that the Toyota Camry was not going to be on this list of Canada’s best-selling Japanese cars. The Camry has been absorbing the brunt of the criticism for lost Toyota car sales of late, but every Toyota model except the Avalon (up from 21 to 33 sales in November) suffered a serious sales decline last month. Camry sales were down an astonishing 52% in November 2010 to 615 sales, five more than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class; 257 fewer than the Mitsubishi Outlander. Does The Good Car Guy get a kick out of hammering the Toyota Camry? Yes, of course. For one thing, is a fan of underdogs – the Camry ain’t one of those – and also, the Camry is boring. Very boring.

How to explain the Mazda 3‘s steadily declining sales? The 3 isn’t generally labelled as a boring car, but Canadians are quite a bit less in love with the 3 than they were in the recent past. Besides November’s 26.6% drop, October was down 20% and September was down 12%. No longer even close to being in contention for Canada’s best-selling car title, the Mazda 3 is up just 2.3% on the year, albeit in a car market that’s down 3.6%. 

Year-to-date, the Mazda 3 remains 8507 sales ahead of the Toyota Corolla, a car which has posted a 25.7% drop through the end of November. Even Honda Civic sales are down in 2010 – the Civic was simply so lofty in the past that falling sales in the latter part of its lifecycle are nothing to worry about.

Oh, but you wanted good news? Honda and Toyota and Mazda and Nissan’s Asian competitors from Korea aren’t struggling. Passenger car sales at Hyundai were up 6.4% in November. Year-to-date Kia passenger car sales are up 17.5%.

Rank Car Status October 2010 % Change
#1 Honda Civic 4203 +6.8
#2 Toyota Corolla 2801 -25.9
#3 Mazda 3 2654 -26.6
#4 Honda Fit 1557 +249.1
#5 Toyota Matrix 1555 -18.1
#6 Honda Accord 1162 +22.8
#7 Nissan Altima 1095 +9.8
#8 Toyota Venza 902 -40.3
#9 Nissan Sentra 792 -1.1
#10 Subaru Impreza 742 -3.8

Source: Automakers & The Automotive News Data Center

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