America’s best-selling car in November 2010 was the Toyota Camry, a U.S.-built vehicle, but a Japanese car. You’ll forgive for stating the obvious then, that the Toyota Camry was the best-selling Japanese car in America in November 2010. As for its Japanese followers, four of which were also on the Top 10 Best-Selling Cars list, most were more successful in finding buyers this November than in November 2009. More interesting is the consistency with which these ten vehicles have been able to hold the fort since The Good Car Guy began keeping track of the best-selling Japanese cars in September.

But how long will the Camry be able to stay on top? The arrows point to its supremacy carrying over from October (and September), but the Honda Accord is close and, as is apparent by the lack of red font in the Accord’s line, sales aren’t falling at Honda. Even the 2011 Nissan Altima looks close to overtaking the Camry.

Rank Car Status November 2010 % Change
#1 Toyota Camry 20,737 -24.3
#2 Honda Accord 19,025 +10.4
#3 Nissan Altima 18,372 +21.3
#4 Honda Civic 16,562 +21.3
#5 Toyota Corolla/Matrix  16,202 -26
#6 Toyota Prius 10,224 +6.3
#7 Subaru Outback 7814 +20.1
#8 Nissan Versa 6724 +21.1
#9 Mazda 3 6474 +9.3
#10 Nissan Sentra 5817 +11.7

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