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Summer has arrived. Summer equals strong automobile sales, backyard BBQs, the beach, and free agent frenzies in the NHL and NBA. Summer also equals vacation. Fortunately for The Good Car Guy, summer vacation comes frequently. Unfortunately, The Good Car Nation,’s audience, must suffer through these times with tears and anguish over what they’re missing.

Ah, but this summer will be different. By condensing traditional Sales Stat Graphs into posts like this mainstream SUV amalgam, The Good Car Guy will be able to make time for vacation while still providing you with necessary information. You’ve become accustomed to seeing a Graph for Small SUV Sales married to a little bit of analysis from, and then the same for Midsize SUV Sales and Large SUV Sales etc. The Sales Stats are still here, they’ve just been congregated into one post. The same will happen for luxury SUVs, luxury cars, mainstream cars, sporting cars, and some other stuff. You’ll survive.

Here then is all the information relating to June 2010 sales of small SUVs and crossovers, June 2010 sales of midsize SUVs and crossovers, and June 2010 sales of large SUVs. The Ford Escape squares off against the soaring Chevrolet Equinox. General Motors throws together a trio incapable of being beaten by the Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander or Ford Edge. And among jumbo utility vehicles, the Chevrolet Tahoe still reigns as king.


*Correction: Mitsubishi Outlander sales were 982 in June, not 977 as the Graph says. Mitsubishi Endeavor sales in June were 114.

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