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This isn’t something is able to do every month, but since we’re halfway through 2010 and June Sales Stats were available early, here’s a rundown of eight low-volume premium automobile manufacturers from June 2010, along with year-to-date U.S. totals through June. Get January’s figures here.


#8 – Maybach: 3
Year-to-date: 18
Maybach sales fell in June and are down from 30 at the halfway point of 2009.
#7 – Rolls-Royce: 26
Year-to-date: 156
Rolls sales have fallen slightly this year and were down 1 unit in June, despite having more models on offer than in most moments in history.
#6 – Lamborghini: 27
Year-to-date: 162
Slight declines in both June and year-to-date sales shouldn’t be that surprising given Lamborghini’s aging lineup.
#5 – Lotus: 55
Year-to-date: 330
Although competing in a significantly lower price bracket than others on this list, Lotus is unable to grab large chunks of the automotive Marketplace which falls to BMW, Porsche, and Audi with far greater frequency.
#4 – Aston Martin: 92
Year-to-date: 552
Chock full of models like ne’er before, Aston Martin has still found a way to post a slight drop in June and year-to-date volume.
#3 – Bentley: 116
Year-to-date: 688
Sales at this old Rolls-Royce partner dipped a bit in June but are up through June 30th of 2010.
#2 – Ferrari: 120
Year-to-date: 720
Try to set aside your envy and replace it with satisfaction that there are 720 more Ferraris on U.S. roads (and in garages) than there were at the end of last year. Sales have slipped a bit from 2009, but not much.
#1 – Maserati: 180
Year-to-date: 912
This Fiat-connected Ferrari ally has put together a 54% increase in 2010 sales. June 2010 was a 58-sale improvement on June 2009, too, thanks to the beautiful Quattroporte and the GranTurismo familia.

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