Subaru USA Sales – October 2010

Subaru of America sold 22,720 vehicles in October 2010, up 25% from October of 2009. This happens to be the best ever October for Subaru in America. Subaru sold 216,652 vehicles in all of 2009 and almost surpassed that total through the first ten months 2010. Subaru has sold 216,334 in the United States through Hallowe’en 2010.

Year-to-date volume is up 23% for Subaru in the United States. Its two most recently redeveloped models, the 2010 Subaru Outback and 2010 Subaru Legacy, are now switching over to the 2011 model year with apparent success. The unloved Tribeca is embarrasingly unpopular compared with other midsize SUVs and other Subaru models. For every Tribeca sold, Subaru sold almost 50 Outbacks in October 2010.

Subaru of America’s October 2010 sales are broken down model-by-model below.

Subaru Outback: 8694
Year-over-year volume change: +35%
Last month: 8154
Year-to-date: 75,078

Subaru Forester: 6631
Year-over-year volume change: +28%
Last month: 6449
Year-to-date: 70,752

Subaru Impreza: 3676
Year-over-year volume change: +21%
Last month: 3678
Year-to-date: 36,731

Subaru Legacy: 3543
Year-over-year volume change: +9%
Last month: 2999
Year-to-date: 31,708

Subaru Tribeca: 176
Year-over-year volume change: -28%
Last month: 152
Year-to-date: 2065

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