Sports Car Sales in America – March 2019

The GCBC Analysis

Overall, Sports Car sales in America were a mixed bag of results. Muscle Car sales and Misc. Sports Car sales were down, but Euro Sports Car sales and Premium Sports Car sales were actually up.

First, the bad news. The Muscle Car segment was down over 5,000 units. All cars in the segment saw a decrease for the month. Those decreases were well into the double-digit percentages.

In the Misc Sports Car segment, the only vehicle that saw a sales increase for March was the Lexus RC. Every other model saw a sales decrease in the double digit percentages. Overall, sales were down about 4,700 units.

In the Euro Sports Car segment, the two new BMW models are what helped the segment keep from having a decrease overall. The Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class also saw a modest rise in sales. Other than those three models, it was all bad news.

In the Premium Sports Car segment, the Acura NSX, BMW i8, Ford GT, and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT all saw sales increases. The segment as a whole saw over 500 more sales in March of 2019 than it did in 2018.

The YTD sales numbers for the Premium Sports Cars looked even more impressive, indicating that this is likely to continue as the year moves forward. The other segments had YTD numbers similar to the monthly numbers, and likely won’t perform as well in the coming months.

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Important note: Both Ford and GM have switched to quarterly reporting, making it more difficult to accurately gauge crossover sales. We won’t have results to report for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford or Lincoln until April 2019.