2012 Ford Mustang Coupe And Convertible

The Ford Mustang was way out in front of other sporty cars in Canadian sales volume in May 2011, but sales of the ‘Stang were down 16.6% year-over-year. Mustang sales in Canada are down 9.5% this year. The Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Chevrolet Corvette have also suffered sales declines through the first five months of 2011.

Out-and-out sports cars like Mazda’s roadster aren’t handling 2011 much better. MX-5 Miata sales were down 20 units to 51 in May and are off 44.8% in 2011. It’s not just a mainstream brand issue, either. Porsche Boxster sales were up to 29 from 24 in May but are down 18.1% so far this year. Porsche Cayman sales were up two units to 21 in May but are down three units to 51 through five months. Up in May, the BMW Z4 remains down so far this year. Benz SLK sales, with a new model on its way, were down 41% in May and 58% in 2011. The Audi TT is a bright spot in the German sports car field. Sales were up to 55 from 41 in May and are up 15.1% year-to-date. 

The A5 played well for Audi in May, as well. A5 sales were up 13.3% last month. However, A5 sales are down 18.1% in 2011.

Sports Car Sales Chart May 2011 Canada

The R8 is undoubtedly a source of profit for Audi, not just in terms of R8 sales but the effect the Lamborghini-related car has on the brand’s image. R8 sales were up to 18 from 12 in May and have risen to 64 in the first five months of 2011. Audi sold 51 R8s in the first five months of 2010.

BMW 6-Series sales were weak last year, so it’s not surprising to see a huge percentage gain of 211% in May’s data. But 28 sales is still a good result for the 6-Series in the small Canadian market, tying the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class and beating the R8, Jaguar XK, and Nissan GT-R. The always-dominant Porsche 911 was up by one unit to 77 sales. 911 sales are down 16.5% in 2011. The oldest Porsche model continues to be more popular than the Panamera but isn’t as popular as the Cayenne, sales of which reached 33 and 149, respectively, in May.

Supercar Sales Chart May 2011 Canada

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