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Unlike its equivalent Sales Stats chart from the United States, Canada’s Niche Car Sales Graph doesn’t include any so-called 4-door coupes. There’s not a single Scion, either. Scions won’t be available in Canada for a few months and the Germans (Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen) link their CLS-Class and CC sales with the E-Class and Passat, respectively.

What’s the purpose of linking together the vehicles mentioned below? Where else do we put them? These are the vehicles with little or no direct competition, a little bit of indirect competition at best. Rather than see other vehicles in this Graph as rivals, then, look at them as individuals…. the fringe… society’s loved outcasts. Of course the Kia Soul and Nissan Cube have got to be the most cross-shopped vehicles of the group ( even has a section devoted to Cube vs Soul) but you’ll ignore this for the purposes of including niche automobiles in the monthly rundown of Canada’s Auto Sales.