Small/Entry Luxury Car Sales And Midsize Luxury Car Sales In America – January 2011

Rather than disparage Acura for failing to sell more than 160 RLs in January 2011, why not question the 160 humans who acquired an Acura RL in January as to why they chose a freakin’ Acura RL over a desirable Infiniti M37 or, dare we say it, even a 2011 Saab 9-5? Seriously, 160 U.S. residents genuinely felt the RL should be their next new car… and they managed to stay awake while completing the paperwork?

Enough harshness. It’s been decided that, at this stage of the morning, excessive criticism will lead to over-the-top critiques later in the day. So it’s time to be friendly. Acura TSX sales were up 7.5% in January – was the increase due to a wagon influx? And RL sales improved over January 2010, too, by posting a 45.5% increase. Acura TL sales slid 19.8%. Many other Japanese luxury cars struggled last month. At Lexus, the ES, GS, HS, and IS all posted lower sales totals than in January 2010. But Infiniti improved on the M’s January 2010 total by five units and the G25/G37 family was up 14.9%. From Sweden (or Denmark, or China, however you see the global automobile industry) sales of the Saab 9-3 jumped 19.3% and sales of the gorgeous 2011 Volvo S60  shot up from 6 to over 1000, a 17,267% increase.

Accustomed to towering volume from the BMW 3-Series, you may think January 2011’s 5763 represents a poverty-stricken month for BMW USA dealers. You’d be thinking wrong. 3-Series sales rose 6.4% over January 2010 totals, a sign that BMW may be in for a tremendously strong 2011. The brand as a whole was up nearly 20% in January