Small/Entry Luxury Car Sales And Midsize Luxury Car Sales In America – March 2011

Poor Jaguar has it backwards. With lower prices, an automaker hopes to find higher volumes. Alas, the $72,700-$113,200 2011 Jaguar XJ – the Indo-Brit luxury automaker’s flagship machine – easily out-sold the $52,500-$79,600 2011 Jaguar XF in March. XF sales plunged 60.4% year-over-year and are down 50.9% year-to-date when compared with the first quarter of 2010. Despite the XJ’s 4530% increase over March 2010, the XF helped drag Jaguar down 11.1%, with a little assistance from the XK, also suffering from a serious bout of declinus salesus in March.

It’s not all bad news among luxury cars, of course. The two most popular and most famous XF alternatives both posted substantial improvements in March. BMW 5-Series sales rose 55.6%. Mercedes-Benz E-Class sales grew by 1065 units.

Mercedes-Benz fared nicely with its smaller C-Class last month, too, although not well enough to catch the falling BMW 3-Series. C-Class sales were up 8.9% but still trailed the Infiniti G25/G37 (up 23.6%) and the invincible 3-Series (down 9.7%). The 3-Series is soon to be replaced. Even so, just that one BMW model was enough for BMW to out-sell Lincoln and Volvo.