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Small SUV Sales In America – March 2019

The GCBC Analysis

Overall, Small SUV sales in America dipped in March when compared to last year. There was a drop of about 24,000 units. That’s a noteable number, and it brought YTD sales down to a 13,443 unit loss.

Of the top ten vehicles in terms of sales volume, only one (the 10th place vehicle) saw a sales increase. It was the Hyundai Tucson. The sales leader, the Nissan Rogue, saw a surprising 15.1 percent sales drop.

On the Subcompact SUV, side of things, the losses were more manageable, but they were still significant. The segment saw a drop of about 7,000 units. The YTD numbers for the Subcompact SUV sales were up around 20,000 units. The sales leader here was Kia Soul which saw a more than 11 percent rise in sales.

That would suggest that despite the poor March sales stats interest in SUVs and crossovers is still high. It will be interesting to see if this drop in sales continues as the year moves forward.

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