It’s not simply a popular segment in which to compete. The small SUV category is where thousands of buyers are spending decent coin each and every month. In fact, some of these small SUVs would rank near the very top of the most popular vehicles in Canada.
Based on the Sales Stats, it seems time we start calling the Ford Escape the venerable Ford Escape. Paired with the Mazda Tribute in a duo (no Mercury Mariner in Canada to make it a trio), the tandem strikes fear in to the more expensive opposition. Although this 16-piece pie features 18 cars and is fairly evenly distributed, the Escape still takes a large bite. More meaningful for the industry is the newfound success of the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain. These two have been hits since they first landed in dealerships late last year.
And guess what? Mitsubishi Canada kindly offers up figures for each of their vehicles so the Outlander can appear in this Graph. Let that be a message to Mitsubishi USA.

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