Land Rover LR2

Though not heavily laden with competitors, the small luxury SUV segment is clearly one of the more competitive luxury vehicle categories of the modern age. The Germans are all present, an American crossover is very appealing, and Japanese alternatives fare well.

A look back through the annals of small luxury SUV sales, as chronicled by The Good Car guy, reveals strange ups and downs for the dreadfully ugly BMW X3. Mercedes-Benz’s GLK350 4Matic is handsome and tremendously appealing. The Audi Q5 is a personal favourite, and the Volvo XC60 can’t be counted out; at least not in the minds of stylish buyers. Although soft, it wouldn’t be argued that the Indo-British Land Rover LR2 is the most capable off-road. Clearly buyers don’t care. The Land Rover also has a more expensive base price than any other small luxury SUV in Canada.