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Small Luxury SUV Sales And Midsize Luxury SUV Sales In America – January 2011

Nearly disappearing off the chart in January 2011 is the Bad 8-losing Acura ZDX. With only 148 sales in the month, the ZDX trailed the similarly awful BMW X6 by 209 and the Infiniti FX by 792. ZDX sales were down 14%; X6 sales were down 7%; FX sales were up 11.1%. Naturally, these are the bit players, the sideshow, the circus attraction which people think they’d like to see before deciding that, “Hmm, yes, the elephants would be a better choice.” And so, Lexus RX sales rose 3.4% and sales of the Acura MDX jumped 32.6% in January 2011.

The Lincoln MKT is falling fast. Sales plummeted 45.5% even as the Lincoln MKX faltered with a 29.7% drop. Missing from January 2011’s chart is the Saab 9-7X and the 17 sales it brought to General Motors last year at this time. 

There is entertainment to be found outside of the Cadillac SRX/Mercedes-Benz GLK/Audi Q5 maelstrom, too. Land Rover LR2 sales dropped 10.1% from an insignificant 178 in January 2010 to an even less significant 160 in January 2011. Meanwhile, the $34,550 2011 Infiniti EX35 now comes across as terribly uninteresting given the relative freshness of Mercedes-Benz’s GLK, the Audi Q5, and BMW’s second-generation X3. EX sales dropped 14.8% last month. BMW X3 sales improved by 273.3%. The Acura RDX, aging even faster than the EX, managed to post an increase of 41.9% in January.