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Small Luxury SUV Sales And Midsize Luxury SUV Sales In America – February 2011

America’s third-best-selling luxury vehicle in February was the Cadillac SRX, a $34,430 crossover that out-performed the combined efforts of the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Mercedes-Benz GLK. 5502 sales equals a 55.3% year-over-year increase for the Cadillac SRX. Total year-to-date SRX sales stand at 9738, up 43.7% from the first two months of 2010. The $38,375 2011 Lexus RX350’s 6567 sales represent a 14.3% increase. If, and it is an improbable if, those increases held a year from now, Cadillac would have 8545 SRX sales and Lexus only 7506 RX sales. If.

Now that the second-generation $36,750 2011 BMW X3 has arrived, GLK350 4Matics and Audi Q5s have lost some of their sheen. X3 sales jumped from the first-generation’s 351 in February 2010 to 1987 a year later. That’s 12.1% of all BMW USA sales in February.

Still, the BMW X5 was even more popular in February on falling sales. Down 10.6%, the X5 formed 16.1% of all BMW USA sales. Speaking of popularity, or the lack thereof, BMW sold only 404 X6 SAVs. That figure is down 18.2% from February 2010. Acura ZDX sales were actually up 24.5%. Lincoln sold 412 copies of the Bad 8-winning Lincoln MKT, down 36.3%.

It’s a big crowd, the luxury sport-ute and crossover fleet. 38,288 sales are represented in the two Graphs below – add in another 6471 once the jumbo luxo utes are included.