Lexus RX sales plummeted 36% in May 2011 yet the RX was still America’s best-selling luxury utility vehicle and the nation’s second-ranked luxury vehicle overall. Priced $3855 above the RX350 while offering an extra row of seats, the Acura MDX is listed in the same chart for arbitrary reasons. MDX sales fell 6% last month but remained higher than any competitor’s except the RX.

The German competition wasn’t really able to take advantage of any crisis felt by Japanese automakers. BMW X5 sales rose by only 23 units, Mercedes-Benz M-Class sales fell 15%, and the Audi Q7’s gains amounted to a sliver compared to the usual Lexus/Acura output. Sales of the $44,450 2011 Volkswagen Touareg jumped 107% but remained low in contrast to popular players in the segment.

Midsize Luxury SUV Sales Chart May 2011 USA

Infiniti EX35 sales dropped 36% and Acura RDX sales fell 31% in May, declines which were worse than those felt by their overall brands. Of the 13,757 vehicle sales shown in what terms the Small Luxury SUV chart below, just under 50% were German-designed products – the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and Mercedes-Benz GLK. 

Cadillac SRX sales dropped from 4081 at this time last year to 3910 in May 2011. SRX sales are up 18% year-to-date. The MKX, Lincoln’s domestic competitor for the SRX, was up 1.7% to 1734 in May. It can be seen in the chart above. The MKX’s base price is nearly $5000 more than the Cadillac’s.

Small Luxury SUV Sales Chart May 2011 USA

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