Compact Luxury Car Sales And Small/Entry Luxury Car Sales In America – August 2010

The civil sales war between Germany’s BMW and Mercedes-Benz is so close that a typical windshield survey says the 3-Series and C-Class are similarly popular in America over the last few months. A completely atypical analysis says there was an extra 44 3-Series Bimmers sold per state in August 2010. Compare that to last August when BMW sold more than twice as many small/entry luxury cars in America. 

BMW’s dominance in the small/entry luxury car category as a whole is even more…. er, dominant. The 1-Series was by far America’s favourite in the sub-3-Series segment in August, nearly out-selling its three competitors combined. Among luxury automakers, BMW was the best-seller in August, so these Sales Stats should come as no surprise. What is surprising is the drop suffered at Audi: A4 sales tumbled at a rate of 25.2% while the A3’s 85-unit improvement wasn’t nearly enough to make up for the A4’s slide.