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Small Car Sales In America – August 2011

2012 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback Orange

Chevrolet sold four Cobalts in the United States in August 2011. That, however, isn’t much of a story. Chevrolet Cruze sales reached 21,807, far exceeding the totals put up by any other compact car competing for sales in America last month. That’s a story, just as it was last month and the month before and as far back as May.

Honda Civic sales tumbled 47% in August. The Toyota Corolla (with Matrix) was down 19%. U.S. Focus sales slid 9% as Ford struggles to keep up with demand for the handsome hatch and sedan. Even sales of the Hyundai Elantra fell slightly, from 15,181 in August 2010 to 15,054 in August 2011.

Over and above the Cobalt’s August 2010 performance Cruze sales jumped 287%. The also-popular Volkswagen Jetta was up 36%.

Smaller small cars don’t sell in volumes so large, although the Mazda 2 was up 196%, Ford Fiesta sales improved at a 76% rate, Hyundai Accent sales jumped 38%, Nissan Versa sales were up 15%. 280 of GM’s subcompact sales came from the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. Honda Fit sales fell hard, down 38%. The Toyota Yaris was off 62%. A new Yaris is coming soon and might help.

Hard numbers for August’s U.S. small car sales are in the chart below.