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Small And Midsize Luxury SUV Sales In America – March 2019

The GCBC Analysis

Small Luxury SUV sales didn’t have too good of a month in March of 2019 when compared to last year’s monthly sales numbers. On the other hand Midsize Luxury SUV sales saw a notable surge when compared to last year’s March sales numbers.

Let’s start with Small Luxury SUVs. Only three of the seven models in this segment managed to escape the month with out losses, and the Lexus UX is a new model with no numbers from last year to compare it to. With that said, the UX is off to a good start.

Volvo’s XC40 managed to move sales in a positive direction by nearly 55 percent. The BMW X2 also managed to see a sales notable sales rise. It saw a nearly 14 percent surge in sales. Overall, though, the segment was down by about 700 units.

On the Midsize Luxury SUV side of things, the segment was up over 5,000 units. Only seven of the 16 models saw sales decreases, and many of the models that saw sales increases saw notable ones.

The sales leader was the BMW X3, and it saw a strong surge of nearly 48 percent. The next three highest-selling models also saw sales increases. This suggests buyers in the luxury SUV market want a midsize vehicle.

The monthly results are mirrored int he YTD columns. Small Luxury SUVs are down for the first quarter of the year whereas Midsize Luxury SUVs are up considerably.

Small and Midsize SUV Rankings

Small Luxury SUV Sales – Subcompact

Small Luxury SUV Sales – Compact

Midsize Luxury SUV Sales