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GM’s Trucks Beat Ford F-Series In August U.S. Sales

2012 Chevrolet Silverado grey crew cab

August 2011 didn’t turn out to be such a bad month for domestic automakers.’s U.S. Auto Sales By Brand post shows all nine Detroit Three brands (ten if you count Dodge and Ram separately) succeeded in posting higher sales volume this August than in August 2010. And how did they get there?

With trucks, of course. And in August, GM’s two full-size pickup trucks out-sold the Ford F-Series. This doesn’t happen every month. Two trucks are apparently not smarter than one, or at least they’re not able to find more buyers than one.

August 2011 sales of the Ford F-Series were up 2.4%. The Chevrolet Silverado was up 8.1%. GMC Sierra sales in August improved at the greatest rate, however, up 13.8% to 13,244. This means General Motors full-sizers sold 50,076 times, 1281 more than the Ford F-Series range. GM fans would be keen to throw in another 1789 sales on behalf of the Chevrolet Avalanche.

The Dodge Ram, incidentally, was up 11.8% to 21,243 sales. And in the smaller truck war, Ford Ranger sales shot up 48.8% to 6192. That’s 1872 sales better than what GM achieved with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Together, their sales rose 18% to 4320.

More importantly, however, the Ford F-Series, America’s favourite truck, ended the first two-thirds of 2011 with 361,978 sales. GM’s twins total was 346,176. 

You’ll see plenty more on truck sales when The Good Car Guy publishes the Top 10 Best-Selling Trucks In America post for August. In a few days there’ll be a complete chart for every truck on sale in America, as well. Check out July’s monthly truck sales totals here.