Scion Canada Starts Out With 247 Sales In October 2010

Preliminary data from Toyota Canada says Scion sold 247 vehicles in its first full month of selling in Canada. Scion is only selling in the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, and Montreal. The Good Car Guy is on the record saying this probably isn’t the best way to introduce a new car to Canada. Although Scion will undoubtedly pick up sales momentum (one would hope so, with only 247 sales in October 2010), and will find it easier to do so once expansion takes place in the spring of 2011, this first month seems disappointing. In light of all the social media hyping up Scion engaged in, 247 sales – equivalent to about one-quarter of all Toyota Yaris sales in Canada last month – sounds as though most people don’t know Scion exists.

That, of course, will change dramatically once Canadians of all ages start seeing uniquely-designed Scions on roads across Canada.

Autumn isn’t prime car selling season in Canada. Unleashing a new brand inside a brand which posted a huge sales decline in October 2010 – Toyota Canada sales were down 24.7% in October 2010 – in October with just three models and just three cities isn’t easy. Perhaps Toyota is thrilled with 247 sales. If so, great. They know what they want and they know if this exceeded their expectations…. or not. At, Scion Canada’s initial sales volume would’ve come across a lot better if the number was over 500. There was a LOT of hype, after all.

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