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Establishing whether the Nissan 370Z is better than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe isn’t that difficult. Nissan has been working on the Z car concept for decades. The 370Z is the culmination of those efforts. It’s better-looking than the 350Z, more powerful, and more refined. 

Hyundai, of course, has price on its side. Able to play the value card, Hyundai Canada took Genesis Coupe sales to a level more than twice that of the 370Z’s in May.
Thousands of dollars up the price scale, the Nissan GT-R is struggling to keep the Porsche 911 in sight. To be honest, the Nissan GT-R can’t muster up the sales achieved by any premium sporty car shown in the Graph. New is everything in segments such as these: the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, though way more expensive, is able to out-sell cars like the BMW 6-Series and Nissan GT-R thanks partly to its greatness; mostly to its status as the most recently introduced.
  1. GT-R is an amazing performer but it isn't half as special as the others. Then again, 370Z is way more special but at that price people would rather save and get a Genesis.

  2. @anonymous Genesis coupe owner, when the data comes, the data comes. In most cases, automakers competing in the United States release their brand's data and the sales info for every model with their first press release of the month. In Canada, this is the case for very few automakers. Hyundai and Nissan never fail to provide the breakdown early on, but General Motors and Ford Motor Company and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep generally don't even break their total sales figure down by brand. doesn't bother releasing a little bit of data when a whole lot of data is required for the whole Graph to work.

    On that note, Nissan sold 103 370Zs in June in Canada while Genesis Coupe sales were up 66.1%. Genesis sedan sales were down 33.3% to 56.

  3. The Good Car Guy,

    Thank you very much for replying my response. I always check out the GOOD CAR BAD CAR website. Keep up the good work!

    Genesis Coupe Owner

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