mercedes sls amg

Establishing whether the Nissan 370Z is better than the Hyundai Genesis Coupe isn’t that difficult. Nissan has been working on the Z car concept for decades. The 370Z is the culmination of those efforts. It’s better-looking than the 350Z, more powerful, and more refined. 

Hyundai, of course, has price on its side. Able to play the value card, Hyundai Canada took Genesis Coupe sales to a level more than twice that of the 370Z’s in May.
Thousands of dollars up the price scale, the Nissan GT-R is struggling to keep the Porsche 911 in sight. To be honest, the Nissan GT-R can’t muster up the sales achieved by any premium sporty car shown in the Graph. New is everything in segments such as these: the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, though way more expensive, is able to out-sell cars like the BMW 6-Series and Nissan GT-R thanks partly to its greatness; mostly to its status as the most recently introduced.