Ford Motor Company’s remaining luxury brands post-Land Rover/Jaguar sale form a duo that is eerily similar to General Motors’ upper tier tandem. Yes, it’s Swedish/American.

The Ford trio of Brits are long gone. Aston Martin is now in handled by a British/Kuwaiti setup with some American influence, too. Jaguar and Land Rover are Tata’s.  That leaves Dearborn with Volvo and Lincoln. General Motors sticks it out with fledgling Saab and Cadillac.  
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How do they do? March was not a good month for Ford. Lincoln faced a 20% drop in sales compared with the same period last year. Volvo met a drop of over 6%. This equates to approximately 5,000 fewer sales from those two brands this March. 
Meanwhile, Saab sales increased. 125 extra units exited dealer doors this March. Cadillac produced a slight percentage drop of 0.8 with sales down 1,490 vehicles during a month which held two fewer selling days. 
Although The Good Car Guy already discussed Japanese and German luxury sales last month, it is interesting to take note of the numbers.  
Cadillac sales personnel sold more cars than Audi, Infiniti, or Acura consultants could manage. Then again, two German brands (BMW & Mercedes-Benz) and Lexus sold at a greater rate than Caddy. Acura and Infiniti outperformed Lincoln. The Swedish battle was over before it started. Volvo only needed a little more than one quarter of the month to sell more than Saab’s total.  
One more fact? The People’s Car – that’d be Volkswagen – was outsold by Cadillac last March. This time around, Volkswagen produces a jump of over 20% and thus claimed a 2,134 advantage over the preeminent American luxury marque.