Porsche 911 Sales Data In Canada – February 2011

Porsche 911 sales were up 3.1% in Canada in February. That’s an increase of one unit over February 2010. Through the first two months of 2011, 911 sales are down from 54 to 45. In 2010, Porsche sold 525 911s, up from 495 in 2009.

But which versions of the 911 manage to sell best in a country where the most popular car has a base price of $14,990 and the best-selling luxury car starts at $37,650? After all, one would assume the 911’s $189,400 price range would have the majority of Canadian 911 buyers gravitating toward the lesser models.

As in November when GoodCarBadCar.net first published a Graph like this, the basic 911 Carrera went unsold in Canada in February 2011. The most popular 911 was the 911 Carrera S, basically your everyday 911 with an extra 40 horsepower and another $14,800 on the pricing manifesto. Porsche.ca currently lists 22 911 variants for sale in Canada. The Carrera S, representing 4.5% of those models, formed 27.3% of all 911 sales in Canada in February.

More exciting to enthusiasts and track day fans is the relative popularity of the most extreme 911s. 18.2% of the 911s sold in Canada in February 2011 were RS models: three each of the $154,600 911 GT3 RS and $279,500 911 GT2 RS. There were also five 911 Turbos sold: one traditional Turbo hardtop, two 911 Turbo Cabriolets and two 911 Turbo S Cabriolets.

In other Porsche sales news, the most popular Boxster/Cayman in February was the base Boxster, five of which were sold. Porsche Canada sold 8 Cayenne Turbos and 10 Cayenne S Hybrids. No base Panameras were sold in February but 3 Panamera Turbos did find homes, taking 2011’s Panamera Turbo total to 7, down from 10 in the first two months of 2010.

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