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Popular Car Market Share In Canada – February 2011

The list of Canada’s 20 best-selling vehicles changed in February, but only slightly. Of greater importance to followers of this Graph is the purple slice’s portion of the pie. At 50.6% of all vehicles sold in Canada, the 230 or so “other models” took home 1.5 more percentage points in February. This means that, on the whole, Canada’s 20 best-selling vehicles weren’t quite as popular in February as they were in January.

Half of the 20 Best Sellers were domestic products. One was European: the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta. Half of the 20 were cars. There’s one minivan, five utility vehicles, and four trucks. Those trucks, of course, are all in the top 10. 

5.7% of all February 2011 new vehicle sales in Canada were Ford F-Series trucks. To be precise, 57.31 of every thousand vehicle sales were F-150s or its Super Duty brethren. That’s quite a bit off last February’s F-Series market share hold of 6.8%. F-Series sales are down 1.8% in 2011.