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Popular Car Market Share In America – February 2011

America’s 20 best-selling vehicles were slightly more dominant in February 2011 than in January and are ever so slightly more car-oriented, as well. 13 of the 20 most popular vehicles in February are cars. That’s up from 12 in January. 

Still the most successful seller, the Ford F-Series’ market share dropped from 4.4% in January to 3.8% in February. Still, 38 out of every thousand automobiles sold is…. impressive, to say the least. F-Series sales were up 14.1%. The best-selling utility vehicle in the USA was only the eighth best-selling vehicle overall. Honda CR-V sales jumped 61.4% in February. Only three other utility vehicles found their way onto the list of America’s 20 Best-Selling Vehicles in February 2011.

As for cars, there’s no doubt the $19,820-$26,675 2011 Toyota Camry is helping Toyota get its groove back. 25.5% of the Toyota brand’s year-over-year increase came as a result of 10,660-sale addition in Camry sales.